Interior Design: To DIY or Go Professional…

Interior design is very subjective and individual. It is so complex and provides so many opportunities to be creative and experiment. Because of this, a lot of people think it is better to do things themselves to ensure that all of their visions become a reality. However, sometimes hiring an interior designer or decorator can help to give your property a complete breath of fresh air, and leave you with a slick design and a professional touch. 

As this is something people tend to be quite undecided about, and unsure of what is best for their interior design, we thought we’d tell you about some of the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer, and why you might want to consider it…


Time is valuable

Sometimes, we get a little fed up with our interior design and long for change. However, it is finding the time to make these changes that can be difficult. Transforming your interior design isn’t something that happens overnight, but it requires a lot of time, dedication and hard work. Furthermore, even if you are dedicated to it, if you don’t have enough time to commit, it will drag the work out a lot longer than it needs to be. Hiring an interior designer solves this problem. They will get the job done quickly and professionally and have your home looking brand new in no time. 


A professional insight

By hiring an interior designer and decorator, you can gain a more professional insight and opinion. They are able to advise what might look better, or help turn your visions into a reality. Of course, you can plan and arrange your interior design without the help of a professional, but sometimes it is tricky, and you would perhaps benefit from some advice on how to set things out or ways to bring the room to life. 


DIY costs less now, but going professional is more cost effective long term

Although hiring an interior designer isn’t cheap, and adds extra cost to an already expensive job, it is actually more cost effective in the long run. A lot of people will DIY with interior design as it is the cheaper option and saves a bit of money. However, an interior designer will do everything properly and professionally. They will be able to work to a budget and use their expertise to get everything done perfectly and exactly how you want it. If you do it yourself, you may not know where to look for the best buys, or you may not be entirely happy when the design is complete, meaning you would be changing things in the future, which would end up costing more money.


Planning is key

Whilst some people can plan and execute interior design exactly how they envision it to be, for others it can be tricky. You might have a rough idea in mind, but be struggling in terms of how to lay everything out, or what colour scheme will look best, or perhaps what style of furniture. Interior design is a project you can take on yourself, but it does require detailed planning in order for you to be able to maintain a clear vision of what you want things to look like. 

Hiring a professional interior designer means planning will be completely covered, and each room will be organised in the best way possible. With all of their experience, interior designers know the best layout for your room, and what sort of features, furniture or accessories will look great and stay within budget. If you don’t want the stress of planning and feel you would benefit from a professional insight, then hiring an interior designer is the best option for you.

For more information or advice on revamping your property or if you would like to speak to us regarding any work, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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