How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

As with anywhere in the house, we are always craving more space, and this certainly applies to the kitchen. Our kitchens are somewhere that a lot of activity takes place, therefore meaning it requires good organisation and plenty of space. There are lots of things you can do to transform your kitchen and create more room, or even simply make it appear bigger and more spacious. A lot of this is down to the way things are designed and arranged, and so with the right tips and advice, you can make this transformation yourself. 

We thought we would help and give you a few ideas on how you can make your kitchen look and feel bigger…


Get an island built

Starting with more of a dramatic change, a great way to create more space in your kitchen and make it appear bigger, is to have a kitchen island built. This completely changes the whole dynamic of the room and provides more practical space and is an extra convenient facility for things like storage and dining facilities. Having an island in the middle of your kitchen really opens the room up, as well as creating more space around the room as you have additional storage space to put it away and keep your kitchen completely decluttered.


Go for a lighter colour scheme

The general rule is that the lighter the colour scheme, the bigger the room looks. Using light and pale tones, such as white, creme, light grey, and pastel colours, often creates the illusion of a bigger room. In your kitchen you could incorporate this through things like cupboard doors and kitchen tops. Keeping a basic and light colour scheme will open up the room and make it feel more spacious. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to create an impact, and we certainly believe this applies to kitchen decor.  


Have a declutter

As we briefly touched on, getting rid of things that may be sat around your kitchen will automatically make the room feel bigger. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing things away, but rather utilising the available storage space better so that there aren’t as many things, like crockery, sat around your kitchen and on show. The less you have displayed and taking up visible space in your kitchen, the more open and bigger the room will look. A good way to do this is to reorganise your storage space in order to create more room.


Be smarter with your lighting

Similarly to colour scheme, a lot can be said for the way lighting can really alter the look and feel of a room. You don’t even have to make any other changes, but being smarter with your lighting can completely transform the way your kitchen looks and make it appear like there is much more space. Furthermore, this applies to both natural and artificial light. Natural light tends to have a bigger impact in making a room look bigger, so any windows in your kitchen should be as exposed as possible so that the maximum amount of natural light is able to fill your kitchen. This could be done by simply changing the blinds you have covering the window so that there is more exposure. 

On the other hand, you can use artificial lighting to create the illusion of a bigger room by having more lights installed. For example, cabinet lighting and under cabinet lighting is perfect for this, as it ensures that almost every inch of your kitchen is lit up, therefore exposing it more and showing off all the space in the room.


Open storage

Although storage space in your kitchen is great for enabling you to clear the room so that there are minimal things on show and visible around the room, open storage is an opposite solution to create the same impact. Cupboards do take up quite a lot of space as they are usually quite big and bulky. Therefore, an alternative to this is to have open shelving. Although this puts more things on display, it actually takes up less space, therefore, making the room seem bigger.


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