Having An Extension VS Moving House

Quite often, we find ourselves feeling like we’re running out of space in our homes, and as a result of this, some people start to look at moving into somewhere bigger. However, this isn’t the only solution to creating more space, nor is it always the best option. Instead, something we highly recommend, is having an extension, as this essentially solves the same problems, yet comes with much less trouble and at a much lower cost than moving house. Furthermore, this doesn’t necessarily just have to be down to wanting more space, but an extension also adds a new lease of life to your home, and changes things up whilst providing lots of other benefits to you and your family.

We thought we’d tell you about some of our favourite perks of having an extension, and explain why this may be a better option for you than moving house.


Having an extension is more cost effective

As we all know, buying a new house certainly isn’t cheap. No matter what you need the extra space for, whether it be because you’re extending your family, need more storage space, or perhaps want to make an existing room bigger, having an extension built onto the house you already live in is a much more cost effective solution than moving. With buying a new house comes all sorts of things, like getting a new mortgage, redecorating costs and much more. Although having an extension may be expensive, it is certainly more cost effective in the long run and will cost you a lot less than moving house.

Furthermore, if you get an extension, this will add value to your home so that if you do decide to move house one day in the future, your current home will be worth more on the market and therefore you will receive a higher sum for it.


Having an extension is more convenient

The likelihood is that you are happy where you currently live, and it will be difficult to find an ideal new home in the same sort of area. For example, perhaps you live close to your family, or work nearby, or maybe you have children that attend and are settled in a local school. When looking to move house, you must take all of these things into consideration. It is not easy hunting for a new house as there are all sorts of things to consider, like the location, size, cost etc. and this can cause the process to take a long time. Having an extension is a much quicker fix, and allows you to stay in your current home where you are happy, and not have to face the troubles of moving out into somewhere new.


Having an extension is more personalised

One of the best things about having an extension, is that it is all down to you. From the size of the extension, to which room you want to extend, to how it is designed. As long as it is theoretically possible to do it, your extension can be built exactly as you would like it. This makes it more personalised and ensures that it feels like part of your home. However, if you were to move house, this would require a lot of work to make it into your own place and have everything designed as you would like it. Furthermore, it’s hard to find a new house that ticks all of the boxes, whereas the home you already live in has been made to be your own.

If you feel that your house is becoming a little cramped, we highly recommend that you consider getting an extension, as this will provide the extra space you need amongst a whole lot of other benefits. For more information or if you require our help in getting an extension on your property, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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