Converting Your Loft into a New Bedroom

It’s probably fair to say that a lot of the time, our lofts get a little bit neglected. Quite often, they will just serve the purpose of hoarding a load of old rubbish that we never use, or store our Christmas decorations all year round. However, you could actually turn this space into something useful and worthwhile. One thing that people like to do with their lofts in order to make use of the space, is convert it into a bedroom. This is great for all kinds of different reasons, from having an extra room if your family is growing, to adding value to the property. If your loft space could be made better use of, we would definitely recommend having a conversion. 

Here are a few ways that you could benefit from a loft conversion…


Added value to your property

Sometimes, people like to look for ways they can add value to their property and make it more appealing. Investing money into your own property has very rewarding benefits, including whilst you live there yourself, and when you eventually go on to put it up for sale. Converting your loft into a new bedroom is a great way to add value to your property. Lofts are often very old and unappealing, however with this conversion you are turning it into something brand new, modern and practical. Furthermore, if you bought your house as a three bedroom property for example, this conversion means that it would then become a four bedroom property, which is worth more money on the market. As a result, this will appeal more to buyers and it means that you would receive a higher sum of money for the property.


Great if you’re extending the family

Converting your loft into a bedroom has lots of cost effective and practical benefits. If you are planning on having children, or more children, and you perhaps don’t have enough bedrooms in the house to accommodate for one each, having a loft conversion is a great solution to this. Although it requires you investing money into getting the job done, it is certainly a lot cheaper and far less hassle than moving out and finding somewhere new. This could also be good if you often work from home for example, as you could use one of the existing ‘bedrooms’ in the house as an office which would be very practical, and have the extra bedroom in the loft instead. 

When extending the family, you tend to find that space runs out fast, and having this extra, useful room in the house could make all the difference. Having your loft converted into a bedroom is definitely something to consider if you feel you would benefit from a little more space. 


It’s practical

If your loft has no other purpose than to hoard old belongings that you never even use, why wouldn’t you want to convert it into something much more practical?! Otherwise, your loft is essentially a waste of space. Having a conversion is a good chance to have a clear out and get rid of any unnecessary items living in there, and instead turn this into a usable space. Even if you don’t need an extra bedroom, having one spare will always come in handy if you invite guests over or have any friends or family staying with you. 


Allows you to get creative

One of the great things about converting your loft into a bedroom, is that you’re starting from scratch. This means that (within reason) you have the freedom to design it in any way you wish. Perhaps it’s for one of your children, and you want to decorate it with a particular theme that they’re going to love and that is going to be exciting to them. Loft bedrooms are pretty different to regular bedrooms, so this gives you a chance to let your creative imagination run wild and turn your vision into a reality. 



For more information or if you would like to speak to us regarding a loft conversion, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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