A Look Into Our Styles of Windows

Here at Pinnacle Home Shield, we provide a number of services surrounding the making of a perfect home. A big part of this is windows, as they are a staple part of any home. However, it can be difficult choosing the right style of windows for your home with so many different options available now. Furthermore, there are lots of things to consider, such as whether you want double or triple glazing, or how big you want your windows to be, to the framing of them and how this will look amongst the rest of your home. 

To try and help you get a better idea of what style of windows may be best for you, we thought we would tell you about the different ones we have on offer and what makes each of these unique…


Bay windows

If you are after a more luxurious style of window, bay windows are perfect. They are quite unique and have to be specifically measured and fitted as they protrude outside of the house and are very large. Furthermore, due to the way they protrude, they actually create an extra space inside your home. Bay windows create a very classy and luxurious effect on homes. 


Bow windows

Similarly to bay windows, bow windows create quite a statement on any home, as they are very big and bold and eye catching. Both the frame and the glass is actually curved, which makes it a very modernised and luxurious style. As well as this, due to the way they are designed, the curved glass creates a broader view of the outdoors. These are a little higher up on the scale in terms of price, but that’s because they are made to measure and are such an elegant and unique design.


Sliding sash windows

Moving towards more traditional styles, sliding sash windows are very practical and in fact replicate traditional sash windows. They have a wood grain finish and slide open and closed vertically. Though sliding sash windows replicate a traditional style, the modern materials now used in the manufacture makes them a lot more durable and long-lasting.


Casement windows

Casement windows are in fact more of an energy efficient style of window. They don’t pose much flexibility and because of this, you will find that it makes them more energy efficient. Casement windows are attached to the frame via hinges along the side and often need to be propped open with a casement stay. They are more of an old fashioned and simplistic kind of design.


Georgian windows

If you like your home to look very traditional, Georgian windows are a great style to go for. They are unique and not overly common in this day and age as they are an older style and a lot of people tend to upgrade their homes with modern windows. Georgian windows are classic and look fantastic when fitted to the right style of home. The Georgian bars used do make the price increase a little bit, however this style of window is a great investment if you want your home to have that classic and traditional look and feel to it. 


Tilt and turn windows

As with a lot of things, the cost of tilt and turn windows depends on the quality of them. You will find that some are made with better materials such as uPVC which makes the price of them higher as this material is very durable and strong. Furthermore, they also have more complex locking systems and mechanisms than other styles, which can also add to the cost of them. However, tilt and turn windows are a very practical style of windows for any home, and they are certainly one of our favourites!

These are just a selection of the variety of window styles we have available here at Pinnacle Home Shield. If you would like to know more or are interested in purchasing some new windows from us, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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